Ryan backs Gowdy on FBI’s use of informant to contact Trump associates – POLITICO

It seems that someone has grown the semblance of a spine. Paul Ryan has doggedly supported all of Trumps bad behavior. Finally he is saying things that are reasonable.

This means there is no Witch Hunt.

I believe when Trump said that he can pardon himself he crossed a line. The justice system is very clear no one can judge themselves. We are not in a monarchy we are in a constitutional government run by three branches.

Trump thinks he’s King and there’s going to be a time when there will be a metaphorical “Off with the head”, and I hope soon.


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Speaker Paul Ryan said that he’s seen no evidence to contradict Rep. Trey Gowdy’s recent assessment that the FBI acted responsibly when it deployed an informant to make contact with associates of the Trump campaign. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Prosecutors in Michael Cohen case piecing together shredded documents from raid – NBC News

I am a blogger, and I am in no way a reporter. So what I say is purely speculation. But I can see in my head what must have happened in the minutes as the feds swarms into Michael Collins offices and homes. Shredding of documents must have been frenetic. So it’s not much of a surprise that the federal authorities are having problems putting the shredded materials back together. Unfortunately for Michael corn, who by the way is a terrible attorney, the federal government has Apple resources back together shredded documents. A good attorney would never have documents that needed to be shredded before a federal raid.


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Michael Cohen leaves federal court in New York on May 30, 2018. I believe Michael Cohen will have a lot more police officers looking at him suspiciously liking this photo in the future. Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phones – NBC NEWS

The Trump Administration has not drained the swamp but they have brought in the Clowns.

Michael Kahn and Rudy Giuliani what an incredible pair to have as your personal attorneys. You would think that a self-described multi-billionaire could afford the best attorneys on the planet. I wonder how long this new White House attorney for the special counsel, the same attorney that worked on the Clinton impeachment, he’s going to last? Good attorneys don’t stay with bad clients.

Which brings me to the clowns, Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani. The FBI and the justice department run by Republicans would not put in a tap on a phone of the personal attorney of the president of the United States if there was not a very very good reason to do so. Even Rudy Giuliani and his television Fox News appearances has said that Michael Kahn was a fixer and that Rudy Giuliani and his past dubious legal career has also done the same kind of thing. Most attorneys that I know don’t consider themselves fixers, they are professionals who abide by a code of ethics. Something that is completely foreign to this White House.


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Michael Cohen, longtime personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, leaves the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on April 26, 2018.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The Peril of Taking on the FBI (will 45 ever understand ?) – theatlantic.com

Would someone please explain to me what in God’s name has happened to the grand old party? This is the party that stood for Law and Order and family values. Now it stands for Russian collusion and a complete disregard of the American fabric and quilt that makes up our great country. If you thought that citizens united would not have a major impact on our political system I guess we now know that it has. Money and its corrosive corruptive impact is now turning one of the great put a local parties of our country into a cowering and colluding force. Money talks and BS walks is the motto of the Republican party now.

There are so many analogies that can be used here. Whether it be the Scorpion riding on the back of a frog or the drowning man who pulls his Rescuer Down Under with him, 45 is pulling the Republican Party under with him and I believe that this is going to have repercussions on this party for Generations. This is unlike what happened in Watergate because in Watergate it was one man who was corrupt. Now we have not only the president’s but his whole party becoming part of this conspiracy. I am not and have never been a conspiracy theorist but why is Russia never spoken about in this White House?

Yesterday, amidst all The Barrage of information that comes out from this White House one little piece went unnoticed by the General Public. 45 has decided that 500 members of Congress and his signature means nothing because he announced that he will not be pursuing the sanctions that Congress has put upon the Russians for what they did to our elections in 2016. So when you hear no collusion no collusion no collusion coming out of 45 mouth know deep down in your heart he is a liar.


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Photo credit Jonathan Ernst – Reuters

Feds Arrest NSA Contractor in Leak of Top Secret Russia Document – NBC News

Instead of arresting her they should be declaring her a hero, a patriot or at least a whistle-blower. But 45 and his gang of cronies won’t do that. Although the article says that the papers do not say that the Russians actually changed votes it does say that they had uncanny knowledge of how voters would be counted and the numbers would end up in the final tally. Russia’s hands is all over this and it’s time for Congress to stop sitting on their asses and doing nothing about this. A full-fledged independent commission needs to be appointed. We cannot trust this justice department with people like Jeff sessions running it and whoever the FBI director is going to be will do the right thing. This is our country we’re talking about and it’s time for all of this partisan crap coming from the Republicans to end. What if this had been Hillary? Can you imagine the furor? These holier-than-thou Republicans are not Patriots they are traitors.


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Comey Wrote Memo Saying Trump Urged Him to Drop Flynn Investigation: Sources – NBC News

Minute after minute this feels very much like avairy fast reenactment of the fall of Richard Nixon. I was in high school when Nixon was in power. I was in the University of Miami when he was removed from Power. I remember that summer watching the Watergate hearings at my part time job on my small TV which I brought to my job answering phones and was mesmerised by the Senate earrings. And now we have a president that makes President Nixon seem but 9. We have allies now that are threatening to no longer share information with us on terrorism because of his loose lips. And he is very scared of the Russia investigation. This memo by former FBI director Comey is indicative of how scared he is of any investigation of his dealings with Russia prior to becoming president. He knows that it’s the slippery slope that will lead to his downfall. I hope it comes soon because as much as I don’t relish the thought of a president Pence, it seems like a better option that what we have right now in the White House.



FBI Director James Comey at a news conference on child sex trafficking at FBI headquarters in June 2014. Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Comey invited to testify before Senate panel – POLITICO

Whatever you think about former FBI director Comey, and I don’t think much good about him, his testimony will be pivotal in unearthing the collusion that is going on in 45’s White House. His unceremonious firing yesterday went against all the rules of protocol. First sessions who is supposed to be recuse from anything to do with the Russian investigation recommended his firing. Then they used the investigation of Hillary Clinton as a cause for his dismissal. Trump while campaigning praised call me over and over again for his investigation of Hillary Clinton and the so-called email server. Now Sean Spicer says that that was just campaign rhetoric and not what the president thinks. That’s so full of BS then smells all the way here to Los Angeles. I am very pleased to see a bipartisan senate committee start unraveling this this mantling of our government. Amazingly, the only public event that 45 has today is to meet with his Russian cohorts.


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