Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex couple – LA Times

This ruling is not the end of the world for Gay and Lesbian rights in our country. I don’t believe it’s a good ruling but it is now the law of the land.

Here is what is important, telling your boss in Most states in this country that you are going to get married to someone of the same sex opens you to being fired for no calls. There are no protections for the lgbtq community regarding employment.

When I tell people this they say oh no that can’t be right there is always been protections for everyone and when I explain to them that there are no National protections for the lgbtq community they do not believe me. But in fact it’s the truth and until we have laws protecting us from this form of discrimination we are still not in any way shape or form equal to everyone else.


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I won’t show the face of the man who discriminates against gays and lesbians. Baker Jack Phillips at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo. (BRUCE ELLEFSON / AFP/Getty Images)

Robert Mueller May Have Found That Witch That Trump Claims He’s Hunting For – Huffington Post

Our president must have listened to a lot of fairy tales when he was a little kid because he keeps screaming Witch Hunt. Each time he yells no collusion 3 times I think he thinks the witch is going to go away. The witch is him and he needs to look at the mirror and see that he has done it reprobate harm to our country and to the fabric of our nation. His moral values are trickling down to corporations, organizations and even universities. It’s on Hannibal to have a man so corrupt in the Oval Office.

In the picture he looks the happiest he’s ever been because he’s meeting his boss and is trying to make a good impression


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Robert Mueller May Have Found That Witch That Trump Claims He’s Hunting For

Donald Trump Jr. and wife headed for divorce, friends say – Page Six

Is it me, or do all Trump wives look like they are about to film a hostage video when they take a picture!

I wonder where they put the expiration date on their wives. Or is it something that they put in some Secret drawer in a secret room in their gold plated homes? I have a feeling that Trump Jr thinks he may be the son of a superhero like maybe Batman, and I’m sure that Eric actually believes it.


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Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump photo credit Getty Images

Sen. Klobuchar: Fining social media for bots is a ‘great idea’ – NBC News

For the last couple of weeks I have been asking Twitter support questions regarding Bots. One question I asked is would they Institute a message to verify that individuals are real people and not butts. I also asked them how is an individual supposed to know if they’re dealing with a bot or real person on Twitter. My queries have been met by silence. I get their automated response that says thank you for your feedback so on and so on and so on. As I’ve made it quite clear I have deactivated my Facebook account. So my only social media platform is Twitter. Twitter is afraid to remove all the Box because there total user ship will fall drastically. I have noticed in the last few weeks the number of people I am following has been falling. Not by a lot but I would say between 5 to 10 a week. This idea by senator Amy Klobuchar to find the social media platforms for not looking for Bots is genius. I have asked to have my account verified by Twitter and from their guidelines I met all of the requirements but they said no. So I don’t have a lot of choices at this point other than to opt out of Twitter. Honestly, the amount of traffic that comes to this blog from Twitter and always has been. I did get a large hit when I deactivated my Facebook account but I have joined a company called BlogPros and they have helped my numbers go back up.

Social media has created this problem and they need to fix it.


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Mueller asking if Manafort promised banker White House job in return for loans – NBC News

When a financial institution lends more than a quarter of its total worth to an individual who has no job, no major assets and no way to repay the loan then why would they do it? They did it because Paul Manafort has something that no one wants to hear that is in power. Look at the machination songs that have gone on regarding Paul Manafort and his illicit activities in Ukraine and in Russia. Paul Manafort is at the center of a spoke that goes out all the way around the White House and is what is scaring the hell out of the White House. Loans like this don’t just happen, they happen because somebody is filling the till on the other side.

There’s a Chinese curse that says may you live in interesting times. Maybe you now understand why it’s a curse.


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The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs – POLITICO Magazine

I always think how arrogant humans are to believe we are the only sentient beings in this vast Universe of universes. We are finding habitable planets everyday and life seems to want to spring up everywhere. In the deepest depths of the ocean at unbelievable pressures we find life. On the edges of volcanoes and intense Heat we find life. It would be very strange if intelligent beings have not evolved on another planet in another galaxy.

I was never a fan of Harry Reid in his tenure has Senate Majority Leader but this endeavor by him to find out more about what could be in our heavens is laudable. Please read the article in the link below and see all of the Wonders that the Pentagon is looking for.

Live long and prosper


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Bad Night for Trump Sets the Stage for More GOP Infighting – NBC News

As the blame game begins on the failed GOP and their leader ImbecileTrump©, it is time for them to realize that their agenda does not conform with what America wants and only reflects perhaps a quarter of the population. By the way I have a theory that one in four people are marginally crazy. And explains why Trump is president.

Another Factor in last night’s victory is that the Russian handlers of our current president did not realize how important these elections were to the American psyche. Their Investments in 2016 was hurt badly by there not trying to influence this election. This is what happens when Russian Bots and RT propaganda does not influence an election.

And as far as Laura Ingraham is concerned what did she want at Gillespie to do ? Did she forget that Ed Gillespie was the chairman of the Republican party for years? Did she forget that Ed Gillespie rancommercials that were racist and divisive ? What did she want him to do? Invoke Hitler or perhaps just do a Heil salute to 45? 

It’s time for Democrats to start pouring money back into our coffers so that we have so much money that Republicans won’t run for reelection. And can somebody please get Donna Brazile off the air. Does she and her purple hair forget that the Democratic party made her fortune and also made her the chair of the party?


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