Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex couple – LA Times

This ruling is not the end of the world for Gay and Lesbian rights in our country. I don’t believe it’s a good ruling but it is now the law of the land.

Here is what is important, telling your boss in Most states in this country that you are going to get married to someone of the same sex opens you to being fired for no calls. There are no protections for the lgbtq community regarding employment.

When I tell people this they say oh no that can’t be right there is always been protections for everyone and when I explain to them that there are no National protections for the lgbtq community they do not believe me. But in fact it’s the truth and until we have laws protecting us from this form of discrimination we are still not in any way shape or form equal to everyone else.


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I won’t show the face of the man who discriminates against gays and lesbians. Baker Jack Phillips at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo. (BRUCE ELLEFSON / AFP/Getty Images)

Trump administration moves on two fronts to challenge California environmental protections – LA Times

How dare they?

On a recent town hall meeting over the phone with my representative Jimmy Gomez he told us about something that runs in the Republican party in Congress. It’s called ABC or anybody but California. we are the largest state in the Union in population. We are the largest economy in the Union. We are if an independent country the fifth largest economy in the world. And it seems that they hate us for it. They hate us for our clean air, clean water and beautiful way of living. I don’t want to leave the union I just want to make a more perfect union.

Scott Pruitt when he worked for the state of Oklahoma sued the EPA countless times. He has publicly said that the EPA should be dismantled, and let’s not forget the fact that he takes bribes. He’s living in a condominium one block from the Capitol building in Washington in some of the most pricey real estate. He has every right to live there if you paid for it. Instead he’s paying 1/3 of the going rate for that apartment that he leases from an oil company that he’s given special permissions to drill in preserved lands. Sure he takes first class flights, he says he doesn’t like the people in coach telling him what they think about him. I guess he feels more comfortable with the millionaires who he kowtows to. If he acted like a real governmental official he would be looking after the best interest of our country and our planet but he doesn’t care.

It’s time that we fire him and his boss, end of discussion.


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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks to agency employees in Washington. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

EPA poised to scrap fuel economy targets that are key to curbing global warming — setting up clash with California – LA TIMES

Under Scott Pruitt, EPA should be renamed to the Environmental Destruction Agency.

I remember a time when the Republican Party thought that states rights overrule the federal government’s. I remember during the Obama Administration when President Obama was signed executive orders because the Republican Congress would not pass legislation he was attacked for over reach. This president and this EPA administrator have a special place in hell. They don’t care about our children because the NRA tells him not to care and they don’t care about the air and water we breathe and drink because corporations don’t want to have regulations imposed upon them so they can poisonous to save a penny.

The American car companies are short-sighted. If they don’t build fuel efficient cars there will be no American car companies. The rest of the world is not sitting and waiting to see what do United States is doing and they are in the Forefront of producing the most fuel efficient cars available.

Everyday I have to see cornerstones of what makes America great being dismantled by this violin ministration. This is becoming untenable.

California wolf fights and we’ll fight hard because we are people of conviction hands we will not let the federal government destroyed our state.


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Vehicles at a BP gas station in Hoboken, N.J. (Julio Cortez / Associated Press)

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s Russia ties highlighted in new ads from Barbara Boxer’s PAC – LA Times

Just like his buddy in the White House this supposedly servant of the US government is really at the mercy of Russia. He is always mentioned as pro-russia and why a Bastion of americanism like Orange County votes and back in each time is mind-boggling.

I say either vote them out or lock them up you the choice. Orange County it’s time for you to stand up for what’s right and stop electing this man back into office. He doesn’t deserve your vote. Look at his record and look how he is looked upon by the Kremlin and you’ll get an idea of what kind of man you keep putting back into office.


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Republicans reject last-ditch ‘skinny repeal’ of Obamacare – LA Times

We have won a battle but not the war. Let us not be fooled into believing that the Republicans will just let this go. They have run on this for the last 7 years and they need to show something to their base or they will be thrown out of office. As our genius in the White House has said, Health Care is complicated. You’re dealing with 1/6 of the largest economy in the world. You’re dealing with people’s lives. Did the Democrats do it right yes or no with the Affordable Care Act, I don’t know. I think this is a time for bipartisanship and maybe we can get the country behind something for once. I know this is not going to be popular. If Senator McCain can cross the aisle then so should we.


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A California businessman born in former Soviet Union also attended Trump Jr. meeting – LA Times

Soon we’ll find out the whole Politburo, oh wait that was the Soviet Union, was there. I never thought I would be quoting Congressman Trey Gowdy but the drip drip drip is starting to take a toll. These true-blooded Americans who voted for this charlatan must now be realizing they are being lied to everyday. Last night Seth Meyers said that line comes to 45 the same way breathing comes to a whale when it reaches the surface of the ocean. I am hoping that this is going to either make 45 even more intransigence or he realizes that his family is in jeopardy and resigns but gives them all pardons before he does.


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Gov. Brown and lawmakers unveil proposal to extend California climate program – LA Times

Some people think where they live is a Birthright, it is a chore, is not where they want to be, and then there’s me who thinks that living in California is a privilege. Living in a state where the majority of the population thinks the way you do is wonderful. Living in a state that does believe the government has a responsibility to take care of those in need is wonderful. Living in a state that cares about its environment before it was fashionable to care about the environment is wonderful to live in a state with a budget surplus and a rainy day fund which started with this Democratic Administration is wonderful. And so living here is a privilege to me. So when I read an article that says that the government of my state is going to buck the trend of Washington to ignore are looming climate crisis, it makes me proud.


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