Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex couple – LA Times

This ruling is not the end of the world for Gay and Lesbian rights in our country. I don’t believe it’s a good ruling but it is now the law of the land.

Here is what is important, telling your boss in Most states in this country that you are going to get married to someone of the same sex opens you to being fired for no calls. There are no protections for the lgbtq community regarding employment.

When I tell people this they say oh no that can’t be right there is always been protections for everyone and when I explain to them that there are no National protections for the lgbtq community they do not believe me. But in fact it’s the truth and until we have laws protecting us from this form of discrimination we are still not in any way shape or form equal to everyone else.


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I won’t show the face of the man who discriminates against gays and lesbians. Baker Jack Phillips at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo. (BRUCE ELLEFSON / AFP/Getty Images)

Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers, Appeals Court Rules – The New York Times

Two points in this case makes me feel like I’m in an alternate universe.

First, the justice department is fighting against gay rights. That’s completely unbelievable. Jeff Sessions must be in seventh heaven. And at least I did spell his name correctly.

Seconds, the case itself is so preposterous that anyone would bring a cause of action for what happens here. The gentleman in question is a skydiving instructor. His name is Donald Zarda. While skydiving with a young lady who seem to be very nervous about being so strapped to a man he told told her don’t worry I’m 100% gay. She told her boyfriend and he sued. Amazing

Because there are so many lawsuits with so many different fact patterns that have been tendered to the Supreme Court many observers believe that the Supreme Court will have to make a decision one way or the other. I fear that with one more Supreme Court Justice picked by 45, the LGBTQ community could be put in the back of the bus.

One more thing, anybody, anybody who thought that they could not vote for Hillary must not look in the mirror and see what they have brought on us.


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Donald Zarda photo credit New York Times

DOJ: Title VII does not protect sexual orientation –

 Just when you thought that this Administration and it’s shitshow could not get any worse well here it goes. Referring to the LGBTQ community as homosexuals, a term that has not been used by our government in years, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard sessions wants to put his path of religious bigotry on our country, perhaps we should start referring to his Department as the department of Injustice. Allowing the lgbtq community to be discriminated against in the workplace without any repercussions against those who do the discriminating. The rainbow tide is going to sweep these people out of office.

Does the administration not realize that everyone has a member of the lgbtq community in their close relations whether a son, brother, father, mother, sister and the list goes on and on let alone all the friends and co-workers. The backlash is going to cause them whiplash. Shame on them Shame Shame Shame.


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Donald Trump Says He’ll Protect LGBTQ People. But Who Will Protect Us From Him? 

In an article in the New York Times it is reported that when John Kasich was asked to be Donald Trump’s running mate he was told that he would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy. When asked what would Trump do you they replied “Make America great again”.

So if that’s the template for how the White House under Trump would run then we have one of the most Anti gay individuals running the White House in Mike Pence. He is for dangerous and cruel so-called “Gay conversion therapy”, he wants marriage equality to be banned, he is against transgender bathroom bills, basically wants to take us back to the 1950s. If that’s what Trump thanks making America great again is I’m afraid of what he’s going to do with the rest of the issues that a president has to deal with.


Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images

Tennessee bill denying service based on counselor religion goes to governor | Reuters

In what can only be called the bigots spring another anti-lgbt bill goes in front of another southern governor. Let’s take Tennessee off of our bucket list of places to visit if this bill goes into law. We may not have a vote in Tennessee but we can vote with our money.


Cuomo Bans Most State Travel To NC Over Transgender Bathroom Bill«CBS

I have to disagree with the headline of this story. This is not just about transgender bathroom rights but about LGBTQ rights in North Carolina. I applaud Governor Cuomo for his courageous stance and hope other state leaders will follow his suit.


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North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Based On a Total Lie

North Carolina lawmakers would be better off as members of the Spanish Inquisition. I hope they realize that corporations are going to be boycotting the state that relies heavily on convention business. These people are complete idiots and should not be leaders. And not to blame only the Republican party for this 12 Democrats voted for him also. How do you say they needed to cater to their constituency.

The governor of North Carolina whose name I will not post

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