President Trump cracked an ‘awkward’ joke about Melania [Video] – Yahoo News

Let’s face it America, we have a man as the President of the United States who doesn’t understand how to be a human being. From the treatment of his wife to the abuse of the 29 women that have come out and accuse them of sexual harassment or worst, to how he is held the office of presidency he does not deserve to be in that spot. Yes he won the electoral college but he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes out of 100 million cast.

Almost daily we hear about this President paying women off for his behavior. From Michael avenatti being on television daily talking about Stormy Daniels to the close to 30 women that have accused this President of sexual misconduct this must be a very hard time for the First Lady. Remember that these allegations of misconduct happens while his wife was pregnant with their current youngest child Baron. This must be a soul-crushing. For the First Lady. The only reasons that she has not left him his either her respect for the office of the presidency or her belief that this is best for their child. And any case she deserves a medal.


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Melania Is Trapped In The White House, Says France’s First Lady – HuffPost

I have always wondered how much of a real conversation a wife or husband has with their spouse about running for president. The ego it takes for someone to believe that they are smart and wise enough to become the leader of the Free World seems like a person hard to have a rational discussion with. I’m not saying Presidents are bad people, on the contrary. I just believe that many of the spouses have been dragged into their position because of the love they have for their mate. Even high-profile women like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy or uncomfortable in the guise of first lady.

Melania Trump has a heavier burden to carry than most. Her husband is unpopular and the discrepancy in the way they look together makes their marriage scene unusual. But it’s not our place to decide whether or not a couple should be together, that is their decision and a very personal one at that.

So as much as I cannot stand her husband, I respect Melania Trump. She has said provide much for her adopted country.


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There’s A Ton Of Explosive Stuff About Trump And His Closest Aides In A New Book – BuzzFeed

I’ve said this before, the last time we had a Jared this famous it did not end well for Jared.

This book has been talked about all day long and I’m sure you’re all very tired of hearing about it. But to me the most alien part is the fact that Jared Kushner got a 285 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank, a bank well known for its money laundering abilities, they are as good at money laundering as Tide is a doing your laundry.

“This is all about money laundering,” Bannon told Wolff. “Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to fucking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner … It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”

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I wonder if Jared’s mugshot will seem as chipper as he looks in this picture.

Trump Once Tweeted a Campaign Ad Featuring What Look Like Nazi Soldiers and explains a little bit about Melania speech Fiasco: Sloppiness

This story is a year old. It is from July of 2015. I’m posting it now because it is indicative of what’s wrong with Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. This is the road that was paid to Melania making her speech using the first African American first ladie’s words. 

Donald Trump is running his campaign the way that kid that you knew in high school who finished or sometimes even started his homework on the bus to school. A presidential campaign is the only way the American people can audition or interview a potential president. How the campaign is run is a good indicator on how the administration of that candidate will look. This is a sloppy campaign doing sloppy work for a sloppy candidate. And I am so tired of hearing Republicans attacking Hillary for the fact that their nominee for president wife plagiarized large portions of Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. Look in the mirror guys, it’s your candidates fault not Hillary Clinton’s. I think Hillary Clinton has been unusually kind to mrs. Trump in the last 24 hours. When Paul manafort said that this was only an attack by Hillary because she felt threatened by another strong woman was such BS that I shut off the television. Last night’s speech could have been a momentous point in the convention. An immigrant who came to our Shores and has now reached not only the Pinnacle of our society but has done it herself. Instead she will be remembered for having plagiarized a speech. The campaign should have run her speech through plagiarizing detection software which is available to any High School teacher. And that is the shame of it all.

Which brings me to this article about Donald Trump tweeting a picture of himself superimposed on top of the White House last year with photos SS Nazi troops on his shoulder. The same sloppiness that brought us the plagiarized speech brought us this tweet with Nazis which in the end as far as I’m concerned this qualifies Donald Trump from the presidency because of not what he thinks but how sloppy a worker he is.


Melania Trump speech appears to plagiarize Michelle Obama – TheHill

One of my best friends, Andrew  Thomas, called me to tell me about this plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech. To be honest I’m not watching the Republican convention. I have low blood pressure and I want to keep it that way. That the Trump campaign did not run her speech through a plagiarism site makes no sense to me. Routinely every school teacher or professor in the United States runs their students work through anti plagiarizing software. It makes me and many others wonder whether or not Donald Trump wants to be or in actuality should be president.
Looking over other potential first lady speeches at their respective convention is the norm. But copying is not. Mrs. Trump has a life story that is different from most politicians wifes. Why she did not use that to her best advantage is beside me. Plagiarizing from someone that her husband has been villainizing is inexcusable. When asked by Matt Lauer earlier today about the speech on Donald Trump’s plane Melania said ” I read over the speech once but I wrote it with as little bit and help as possible so I’m good.” I did not realize she was friends with Michelle Obama who helped her on her speech if you are to believe Melania’s words. 

Both Trump and his wife should not be anywhere near the White House.