Why Melania Trump’s vanishing act matters – NBC News

First and foremost, I wish the first lady a quick and complete recovery. Her health is the most important issue here.

The premise of this article is that without the first lady the president is losing an important component in his diplomatic encounters. I believe her charm and poise and elegance does lens something to this presidency. Unfortunately all of her Poise does not make up for the incoherent and radical foreign policy of this Administration.

Watching Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau yesterday on Meet the Press was heartbreaking. He explained how without question the Canadiens have fought side-by-side with the Americans and now America has declared a trade war on Canada. There is absolutely no basis for this trade War and yet this president, acting like an orangutan, is pounding his chest at our allies.

Like a bully, he is hitting first. I believe that this stems from the last G20 where he was pretty much left alone by the other foreign leaders. I’m sure this is fury gated him. He believes himself to be the absolute ruler of United States. We are not a monarchy and respect is earned in life, business and especially world politics.

The numbers don’t at up for him issuing these Terrace on our allies. Saying that he sees too many Mercedes parts on 5th Avenue makes absolutely no sense. I love Cadillacs. Cadillac is working very hard at becoming a world class luxury car manufacturer. The CT-6 is it’s first act in doing so. That being said, Mercedes, VW, Audi, BMW, Lexus and I can go on and on all have manufacturing facilities in the United States. Banning all foreign cars from entering the United States will do very little to stem the number of Foreign brands being sold in United States eyes they are being made here. So once again he is only doing this for his base. It’s pointless and isn’t that what this whole Administration has been about.


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Mexico fights back against ‘The Clown’ – POLITICO

He’s not even president yet and he has countries at war with him. I’m sure this is going to be music to the ears of his base. But his base is half of the Republican party which is about 13% of the total electorate. That leaves a lot of people that will not be happy with this kind of news. Sure, we have our share of racists in this country. But the majority of Americans are good people who know what this kind of rhetoric can do to a country. We need to stop Trump. Or as Hillary Clinton’s campaign says stump Trump.


Hurricane Patricia strongest hurricane ever recorded

The National Weather Service has said that Hurricane Patricia will be the strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall. It’s expected to bring over unprecedented 200 mile an hour winds to Pacific coast of Mexico. Waves are expected to reach 49 feet. People are being to brace the worst. Storm surge may be record as well. Beyond this horrific possible damage to Mexico the United States is warning that Texas and the Midwest will be seeing heavy flooding due to the remnants of Patricia.