Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex couple – LA Times

This ruling is not the end of the world for Gay and Lesbian rights in our country. I don’t believe it’s a good ruling but it is now the law of the land.

Here is what is important, telling your boss in Most states in this country that you are going to get married to someone of the same sex opens you to being fired for no calls. There are no protections for the lgbtq community regarding employment.

When I tell people this they say oh no that can’t be right there is always been protections for everyone and when I explain to them that there are no National protections for the lgbtq community they do not believe me. But in fact it’s the truth and until we have laws protecting us from this form of discrimination we are still not in any way shape or form equal to everyone else.


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I won’t show the face of the man who discriminates against gays and lesbians. Baker Jack Phillips at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo. (BRUCE ELLEFSON / AFP/Getty Images)

Why a Trump-backing tow truck driver says he refused service to a Sanders supporter

This divisiveness is toxic and it’s being fueled by the Donald

This is why the Democrats must-win. He attracts this kind of low-life. I’m sorry I know that sounds harsh but anyone who would not help a woman because of her political beliefs in the United States of America supposedly doing their job should be deported. This divisiveness is toxic and it’s being fueled by the presumptive nominee of the grand old party. No wonder Paul Ryan is not ready to endorse his own Presidential nominee. Look I support Hillary Clinton but I’ve said from the beginning that if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination I would vote for him. This is why we as Democrats and progressives need to unite against the Donald.


Paul Ryan Addresses Panic Over Donald Trump – The New York Times

I would love to take speaker Ryan to his word. But his actions speak much louder. His so-called anger over the fact that Donald Trump will not refuse support from the KKK is laughable. Paul Ryan and his policies are lock and step with the KKK it is much as it is trying to deny minorities and the poor the ability to vote and get much needed help for food and housing. Let alone what he’s doing with our veterans. All in the name of supposes budget reform. He’s a fascist in sheep’s clothing.


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