Ryan backs Gowdy on FBI’s use of informant to contact Trump associates – POLITICO

It seems that someone has grown the semblance of a spine. Paul Ryan has doggedly supported all of Trumps bad behavior. Finally he is saying things that are reasonable.

This means there is no Witch Hunt.

I believe when Trump said that he can pardon himself he crossed a line. The justice system is very clear no one can judge themselves. We are not in a monarchy we are in a constitutional government run by three branches.

Trump thinks he’s King and there’s going to be a time when there will be a metaphorical “Off with the head”, and I hope soon.


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Speaker Paul Ryan said that he’s seen no evidence to contradict Rep. Trey Gowdy’s recent assessment that the FBI acted responsibly when it deployed an informant to make contact with associates of the Trump campaign. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A Pruitt Aide’s Attack on Zinke Angers the White House – The Atlantic

Can we say circular firing squad? The administration is fighting with itself over and over again. Now it’s the beleaguered EPA administrator attacking the Secretary of the Interior, I am sure we all wish of the calm days of President Obama.

President Trump said he would drain the swamp instead he brought in the Clowns.


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Apple’s Tim Cook to host Paul Ryan fundraiser amid Trump woes – POLITICO

I shop at Costco and knocked Sam’s Club because I like Costco’s politics. That’s just one example of the many choices I make and how I spend my money. Luckily I’m not an iPhone addict. I have had Samsung Galaxies since their first smartphone was put out and I love them. But if I found out that Samsung was hoarding Paul Ryan I go to HTC or whomever is not. I realize that corporations play both sides of the aisle. But the fact that Apple is Apple makes no sense to me that they would be in cahoots with Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan is all that is bad about the Republican party and one glossy package.
I guess Apple is happy to have Paul Ryan help them sequester funds from the US government so they don’t have to pay taxes on them. They sell their products to American but they don’t want to pay taxes in the country that started their corporation. Shame on Apple.


Paul Ryan not ready to endorse Donald Trump -CNN

Paul Ryan, a media whore, is making sure to milk the most press coverage out of this kabuki dance that he is doing with Donald Trump. I have no doubt that Paul Ryan will eventually endorse Trump. Paul Ryan is also looking at his future. He wants to run in 2020 if Trump loses. And he does not want to be looked upon as one of the architects of what could be a Monumental failure with Trump as the head of the Republican ticket. Paul Ryan is being a politician and that’s what he excels at and that’s about it.


Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Could Not Be Further Apart – NBCNews

When talks, but any kind, don’t go well the talking points are that it is going positively. And that’s all you heard today from the Republicans that met with Donald Trump. It was positive. Over and over again it was positive. You are saying positive way too much.
Paul Ryan actually brought charts into the meeting to try to explain to Trump how things work. I don’t think he got through. Trump did make a point that he is won more votes than anyone before and that his poll numbers are really high. That is very hard to disagree with but I think Paul Ryan is playing the long game. Paul Ryan wants to be president. The main reason he did not want to be speaker of the house and was The Reluctant Bride for so long is that rarely do speakers of the house become president. And he really is power hungry. His misstep in 2012 being the vice presidential candidate to Mitt Romney’s failure is forgivable in terms of the electorate. But jumping on board with Donald Trump and Donald Trump bringing everything down around him is not forgivable.
There’s a Chinese curse that says may you live in interesting times. I guess we are all cursed.


Sarah Palin will work to defeat Paul Ryan in primary for Donald Trump stance – CNNPolitics.com

Donald Trump is using classic gamesmanship

I wonder if Donald Trump is using Sarah Palin to send a warning shot across Paul Ryan’s bow on today’s State of the Union? Or is Sarah Palin the Loose Cannon that we know her to be? In either case knowing Paul Ryan this is not going to make him happy. She said that she plans to work on defeating Paul Ryan and his upcoming August primary. I don’t think that she has the power to do so but Donald Trump may be able to do it if he puts his mind to it. She said she would Eric Cantor Paul Ryan. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Trump campaign response to this and if they endorse it. This is the most interesting election I’ve ever been alive for. The Republicans made their bed and now they got to sleep in that pigsty.

Screenshot from CNN's State of the Union