Fight for Your White to Party Week 1999 – Miami New Times

One of the accomplishments in my life that I am the proudest of is my founding of White Party Week in Miami, first as a fundraiser for Health Crisis Network then for CareResource.

The first White Party took place at Frank Wager’s home in Coral Gables when people were dying around us and we had no idea of what was causing it. It then moved on to Viscaya one of the most beautiful places in Miami. By 1994 Keith Cromley the assistant director of development of htn came to me and said that there was no more room for growth in fundraising at one event in Viscaya. So we worked together to create White Party Week.

Along with 550 volunteers we created an event that was so spectacular that Sky one broadcasting from the UK did a three-hour documentary on how we accomplished it. In my last year as chairman we raised 1.2 million dollars after all expenses. In 1999 that was a lot of money. I resigned from my chairmanship in 2000 with a heavy heart but thought giving it to others to carry on would be the best after having been the chair for five years.

This was taken at the inception of White Party Week

We started off in 1995 with six events and grew to 23 events by the year 2000.

Lark Bennett and Keith Cromley we’re both instrumental has staff members in making sure that this huge event ran like a well-oiled machine. When Lark became the director of development for Care Resource she took it to the next level.

Lark Bennett, Director of development, CareResource, photo credit: fabulous! The Movie

Yours Truly, at the Press event

Lark Bennett and I after a triumphant White Party Week

Being on the board of directors of HCN or Health Crisis Network and being the founding chair a white party week are two of the things I am most proud of in my life and I am so grateful that I was able to do so.


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The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie Trailer is Here

For some people it’s Sex in the City for me it’s Absolutely Fabulous. Love this show always have and it’s so good to see the movie trailer and how good the girls look. I will be first in line when it comes out.
They were meant to appear at our very first White Party week in 1995 and unfortunately they had to cancel due to a conflict. Comedy Central sent us a whole slew of people and although we miss them we had a great event. On Christmas eve of that year I got a knock on my door and there was a large package from FedEx. I opened it and I was the framed cover of The New Yorker magazine with Patsy and Adina and Safi on it. It was signed by all of them and on the back was a beautiful note telling me that they had hoped that our event went well and that our cause was always in their thoughts.


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First Photo From ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie as Filming Begins

Our first white party week back in 1995, Comedy Central was one of our sponsors and the cast from absolutely fabulous were supposed to attend. Unfortunately they got a conflict with their schedule and were unable to make it. This was in November of 1995.
On Christmas Eve I got a knock on the door and it was the FedEx man with a large package from London. Had no idea what it was and when I opened it I found a framed copy of the New Yorker magazine with the cast from absolutely fabulous on it and signed by each one of them. It came with a note saying that they were sorry they missed the event and hope that this would make it up a little bit. I have nothing but wonderful memories of this show and look forward that this to this movie with great anticipation. Thanks to my friend Gaspar for passing this in article along

Edina and Patsy are officially back, darlings