President Trump cracked an ‘awkward’ joke about Melania [Video] – Yahoo News

Let’s face it America, we have a man as the President of the United States who doesn’t understand how to be a human being. From the treatment of his wife to the abuse of the 29 women that have come out and accuse them of sexual harassment or worst, to how he is held the office of presidency he does not deserve to be in that spot. Yes he won the electoral college but he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes out of 100 million cast.

Almost daily we hear about this President paying women off for his behavior. From Michael avenatti being on television daily talking about Stormy Daniels to the close to 30 women that have accused this President of sexual misconduct this must be a very hard time for the First Lady. Remember that these allegations of misconduct happens while his wife was pregnant with their current youngest child Baron. This must be a soul-crushing. For the First Lady. The only reasons that she has not left him his either her respect for the office of the presidency or her belief that this is best for their child. And any case she deserves a medal.


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Donald Trump Jr. posted photo with kids gets blowback – Yahoo news

Every father and mother should be proud of their children. Every father and mother should have the right to be with their children if they have caused no harm to their children. so it’s not so much that the pictures of Ivanka at Donald jr. are disrespectful but it’s the fact that there are so heartless. This is an Administration that probably says it is going to separate families purely for their own political gain within there base.

Except for Native Americans we are all, all immigrants. Even you who think you came on the Mayflower are immigrants. Donald Trump and his family are immigrants or descended from them. Enough with this immigrant bashing. America is a country of immigrants, and without them we are nothing.


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Photo from Instagram, I hid the faces of the two young children, they are innocents and should not be part of this conversation.

Trump threatens to tax European auto imports – Yahoo News

I always thought in the back of my head that Trump would declare war in order to get reelected. I never thought he would start before Global recession. But it makes sense, it’s how Hitler was able to start World War II. Protectionism he’s a terrible disease for a country to have. And Trump is trying to inoculate us every single day. This plays in the hands of Putin so well because it will have no effect on Russia, but will have a devastating effect on all the alliances the United States has built over the last 50 years. Has the 29th largest economy in the world Russia is meaningless. California has a much larger economy. Russia’s people are starving under the Iron Fist of Putin. But destroying all of the US alliances is exactly how he wants to play the game. Of course our president, Putin’s stooge, his following him like a dog on a leash.

I hope the Republicans have the guts to start saying no to him. They got their tax cut they wanted so badly for their rich Don, now let’s cut him loose and allow the special counsel to do his work.

Democrats wake up. Don’t go to any more of this bipartisan meetings. You looked like fools there. He made you look like fools and that’s hard to do because he’s a cartoon character.


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